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O hai dere. June 5, 2010

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Hello.  The first thing I wanted to say is that I won’t be posting here as often as I used to, because I’m working at Coskit’s blog.  😀  It’s awesome.  Anyway.  BP is now officially my least favorite oil company… I think you can guess why.  I know it was an accident, and they’re doing everything they can to clean up the oil, but what about all the animals that are being killed and injured right now?  I’m sure they’re not using ALL their workers to clean up the oil.  Poor animals. (see pictures here)  In other news…  there’s a guy who can recite 22000 digits of Pi! 😮  I can only do 17.  😛  Click here to see a video about him.  That’s all for now…  later.  :3


Club Penguin and Justin Bieber pictures (edited) April 30, 2010

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Hello. Here are some CP and JB pictures I edited.

This one isn’t edited.  Just kidding.  😀

The penguin is saying, “What happened to your foot?”  Sorry it’s small; if I make it bigger it’s blurry.  XP


A picture April 28, 2010

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Hi, I know I haven’t posted at all this week, so I just thought I’d show you guys some pictures I found…

A dog.

A picture of Justin Bieber I edited.  I’ll do mare JB pictures later…  😀

A picture of our beloved Cookie Monster that I edited showing the monstrosity of him eating healthy.

My penguin from Club Penguin.  I gave it to Bella/CB after I edited this pic.

I just thought this one was funny.

And this one… lol

I especially like this one… 🙂

I believe whoever made this picture is a genius.  If you can’t read what the penguin is saying, it’s  “So they are the puffle tribe of the north?”  I plan to do more Club Penguin pictures in the future.  For more CP pictures like this one, go to this blog:  Copy and paste please…  🙂

That’s all for today…  I’ll post more next post.  😀


Two new posts from the Creators! April 20, 2010

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Hi, happy April vacation!  The Creators have given news on a new quest!  And maybe the best part is that it’s FREE!  Finally the Creators have some sense. Why does the pig have purple eyes?  😀  And here’s the other part of the post:

Here’s the most recent post.

I think that pig is cute and creepy at the same time.  😐

And, here’s the guide…  I think this mini-quest is similar to the Spy Next Door ad, as well as the 60-minute-exercise one, whose name I forgot.  🙂

Buy the quest in the store.  Open your Store Items and click “Visit”.  When you get there, enter the house.  The creepy/cute pig will then say, “It’s Earth Day, and we all have to do our part.  Within this house are some energy hogs.  They don’t know how to conserve energy.  All they do is turn on appliances and act wasteful!”  (click “Next”)  “You have 60 seconds to set things right. Run through the house, and shut off all the appliances you can! Watch out for energy hogs.  They will try to turn on all the appliances you turned off. If you can keep the energy meter at an acceptable level, you will win a special Earth Day prize!”  Once you click “Start”, you will need to click on all of the things that are turned on.  These include lamps, televisions, computers, lava lamps, aquarium lights, jukeboxes (who listens to those anymore?), and radios.  Once you complete a level of the house (there are three), after a while one of the energy hogs, who are the other people in the house, will turn on all of the appliances you turned off.  You need to go back and turn off all of the appliances the energy hog turned on.  You only need to make it last a minute, making sure that your energy bar is in the blue area.  When you beat the quest, the pig will award you with 50 credits and an Earth Day costume.


New Astro-Knights! April 9, 2010

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Hi again..

Even though the island of Astro-Knights (my favorite so far)  has been out for a while, the Creators have come out with some cool new items for the Store.  The first, the Earth Knight,  has a helmet that can open and close.  It also leaves a trail behind it.  The next one, the Heart Knight, also has a helmet that can open and close, and leaves a trail of hearts behind it.  A good buy for girls in my opinion.  The next two, the Dark Knights,  are creepy-looking, but they don’t have opening helmets like the Earth Knight and the Heart Knight.
Also, Master Mime gives his opinion on goth girls.  “And word on the street is that goth girls do brush their teeth. True. Goth girls are very cool, pretty and typically have minty breath. I just happened to meet one on Astro – Knights Island that must have just eaten some garlic bread.”

Hey… if that’s Master Mime in the Knight costume, I thought he couldn’t talk?


Recommended blogs April 6, 2010

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Here are some cool blogs that I’ve found, some are from the directory on the Poptropica Help Blog, and others are just my friends’ blogs that they have shared with me. Most of these sites have chats on them.

Poptropica Help Blog:

Josh’s blog:

Sassysweety’s blog:

Detective Sneakyc’s blog:

Bella’s blog:

Lolkutiepie’s blog:

Hijuyo’s blog:

Neko/Cool Wing’s blog:

Tii/Zany Gamer’s blog:

Rory’s blog:

Also, some YouTube channels that I found…

Neat Whale’s channel:

Hijuyo’s  channel:

Detective Sneakyc’s channel:

That’s all for now, I’ll post again soon



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Hello, people who own computers… it’s Molly, just another blogger on WordPress. I’ll try to blog here at least once a week, and things I blog about are Poptropica, the PHB or PHF, or updates on the Creator’s Blog.