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A picture April 28, 2010

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Hi, I know I haven’t posted at all this week, so I just thought I’d show you guys some pictures I found…

A dog.

A picture of Justin Bieber I edited.  I’ll do mare JB pictures later…  😀

A picture of our beloved Cookie Monster that I edited showing the monstrosity of him eating healthy.

My penguin from Club Penguin.  I gave it to Bella/CB after I edited this pic.

I just thought this one was funny.

And this one… lol

I especially like this one… 🙂

I believe whoever made this picture is a genius.  If you can’t read what the penguin is saying, it’s  “So they are the puffle tribe of the north?”  I plan to do more Club Penguin pictures in the future.  For more CP pictures like this one, go to this blog:  Copy and paste please…  🙂

That’s all for today…  I’ll post more next post.  😀


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