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New Astro-Knights! April 9, 2010

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Hi again..

Even though the island of Astro-Knights (my favorite so far)  has been out for a while, the Creators have come out with some cool new items for the Store.  The first, the Earth Knight,  has a helmet that can open and close.  It also leaves a trail behind it.  The next one, the Heart Knight, also has a helmet that can open and close, and leaves a trail of hearts behind it.  A good buy for girls in my opinion.  The next two, the Dark Knights,  are creepy-looking, but they don’t have opening helmets like the Earth Knight and the Heart Knight.
Also, Master Mime gives his opinion on goth girls.  “And word on the street is that goth girls do brush their teeth. True. Goth girls are very cool, pretty and typically have minty breath. I just happened to meet one on Astro – Knights Island that must have just eaten some garlic bread.”

Hey… if that’s Master Mime in the Knight costume, I thought he couldn’t talk?


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