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Recommended blogs April 6, 2010

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Here are some cool blogs that I’ve found, some are from the directory on the Poptropica Help Blog, and others are just my friends’ blogs that they have shared with me. Most of these sites have chats on them.

Poptropica Help Blog:

Josh’s blog:

Sassysweety’s blog:

Detective Sneakyc’s blog:

Bella’s blog:

Lolkutiepie’s blog:

Hijuyo’s blog:

Neko/Cool Wing’s blog:

Tii/Zany Gamer’s blog:

Rory’s blog:

Also, some YouTube channels that I found…

Neat Whale’s channel:

Hijuyo’s  channel:

Detective Sneakyc’s channel:

That’s all for now, I’ll post again soon


2 Responses to “Recommended blogs”

  1. molly98 Says:

    Oops, they’re not links… oh well… copy and paste, please. 🙂

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